Beard Care For Black Men

“Recently, beards for black men have become so popular and are being used to motivate and empower black men.” 

Importance of Beard Care 

Every man interested in growing a beard will want it to be thick and full. You will require a considerable amount of effort and time, especially if you're growing it for the first time. Recently, beards for black men have become so popular and are being used to motivate and empower black men.

Before growing a beard, and before taking any grooming decisions, following the shape of your face is paramount. For instance, men whose faces are oval-shaped can get away with many beard styles. On the other hand, those with rectangular and long faces focus on beard height and width to prevent their faces from looking longer than the actual size.

For black men, growing a healthy, full beard is difficult since it presents a set of challenges that are unique. From curly hair texture to coarse hair and slow growth, beard care for black men tends to be harder to manage and groom. With good grooming and proper management, a beard that looks healthy is great.

First comes the element of growth: It could take about a month for an average beard to grow a length of half an inch. In regard to the coverage element, a beard may grow at an average rate. In many cases, it doesn’t cover the areas you specifically want it to cover — this is where black beard care maintenance comes in.

Unfortunately, there’re no outright tricks for growing a beard. It’s just like an investment, which produces returns if you manage it appropriately.

Understanding The Importance Of Using The Right Products

The use of regular hair moisturizers and shampoos is one of the biggest mistake black men make on their beard care routine. Avoid products made from harsh chemicals, as they will strip off essential oils or clog your pores. To take good care of black skin and hair, it’s always best to use natural products.

It’s always important for you to use beard-grooming natural products that will hydrate your facial hair and skin. This is because the extra moisture provided by these products prevents black men beards from becoming brittle and dry. Avoid store-bought synthetic shampoos and soaps that may strip necessary oils from your facial hair and dry out your skin.

Any additional scents in beard oils should be made from blends of natural essential oils and not fragrance oils. Beard oils crafted with pure argan oil and unrefined jojoba are the most recommended. Essential oils have beneficial effects on facial hair and skin and should be used after washing your beard well when it’s almost nearly dry.

Natural beard balms include waxes and butter that act as sealants, which help to keep your skin and hair hydrated by holding moisture. Natural beard balms also have an added benefit of making your beards to appear thicker.

In addition to the high-quality, natural products you use on your beard, grooming, and styling should also be done using high-quality products. Using the right brush or comb can greatly impact your beard growth. Choose a comb or brush that is smooth to prevent hair from being pulled or tugged, as it can affect how your beard grows.

Top 5 Most Useful Black Beard Products

When growing a beard as a black man, the biggest challenge you could face is understanding the products you ought to work with to produce the best results while protecting your skin. From combs to cleansers, here are the most useful black beard products formulated for black men beards:

Cricket ultra-smooth hair pick comb

Made from ultra-smooth, high-quality plastic, this comb glides through curly, thick hair like butter. It’s infused with olive oil, keratin, and argan oil, which come-off on beard hair to strengthen it more. When you use this product, it’s like you’re applying beard oil with no residues left in your hand, making it ideal as a mid-day refresher.

The comb is excellent for dense beards and doesn’t get stuck in thick tangles. If your skin is sensitive and you don’t like the feeling of your skin being tugged while combing your beard, then you’ll find this product comfortable. Unlike other plastic picks and combs, this is incredibly durable and never breaks.


Beard growth and thickening conditioner

This conditioner is made from a combination of many organic and natural ingredients, including rosemary leaf oil, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil. Some ingredients in this product protect and moisturize the skin and hair, while others are designed to reduce itching and soothe the skin. As such, if you have a problem with a stiff, coarse beard, this product will make it pliable and soft.

This conditioner will also make your beard feel smoother and look fuller, and when you use it regularly, you’ll manage to comb through your beard more easily. It also stimulates hair follicles so that your beard grows quickly. It solves the problems of a patchy beard and enhances the ability of your beard to add volume.


Wahl beard oil wash & softener for men

This product contains 6 oz. Beard Wash, 1 oz. Beard Oil, and 3 oz. Beard Softener. It’s an all-in-one beard grooming kit with products that help to keep beards for black men polished and well maintained. It includes a beard softener, revitalizing beard oil an all-in-one face & beard wash.

It’s a luxurious beard grooming kit that works to create immaculately kept and moisturized beards. The product is also infused with essential natural oils and is designed to combat beard issues that black men may encounter.


Cremo men’s beard oil

Containing carrier oils such as coconut oil, tea tree oil, jojoba, and argan oil, it has everything needed to keep your skin and beard clean and fresh, as well as well-nourished with essential vitamins. The natural oils of your skin are mimicked by jojoba oil, which also keeps your beard conditioned.

The tea tree oil in it, which is a natural antibacterial makes it the best product for black men beard oil. This essential oil also eradicates in-grown hairs by cleansing your skin and clearing away any bacteria. It also prevents the occurrence of skin bumps since it cleans out pores.

The peppermint essential oil in this product invigorates has a refreshing scent. This, combined with tea tree oil wakes up your skin to liven up the senses.


Shea moisture complete beard oil kit

This is an all-in-one beard oil kit for all black men's beard needs. It contains beard balm, beard oil, beard wash, and beard detangler. The beard detangler is a leave-in conditioner that helps nutrients to absorb throughout, while the beard wash is a shampoo that is formulated so that your beard isn’t stripped of its natural oils, making it soft and manageable.

The beard balm is used when a beard becomes longer and you need to style it. By sticking to the beard, it helps it to stay in place while you comb the beard. Considered as among the best beard oil kits for managing beard for black men, this product will help to keep your beard well hydrated to enhance a healthy beard.


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Beard Care Styles


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Your Beard Care Checklist

When you decide to grow a beard, make sure you have the following items to help you get started on the right track:

  • Hit the gym or exercise more - Living an active lifestyle and working out has many benefits, and a healthy beard is one of them. Exercising increases body recovery, metabolism, and testosterone levels, which triggers and promotes the growth of a beard.
  • Wash your beard - Depending on your lifestyle, your beard needs a thorough washing at least once or twice a week. Due to air pollution and food particles, it’s essential to wash your beards, as they grow best when the surrounding area and hair follicles are clean. Always endeavor to use a beard wash specifically designed to condition and clean your beard to promote healthy hair growth.
  • Keep your beard moisturized - Your beard naturally needs oil to grow well since your face oil glands cannot produce sufficient moisture to nourish your beard and skin. Beards for black men thrive well when moist, a beard balm or beard oil will keep it soft and hydrated all day long.
  • Eat the Right Foods - Food plays are an important role in the growth and development of a strong, healthy beard. Ensure to include a variety of foods in your diet such as foods high in zinc, lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, vegetables, and fruit. You may consider taking some supplements alongside your meals if you can access quality nutrients in your diet.
  • Get plenty of rest - Sufficient sleep allows your body to produce more testosterone while reducing stress. Lack of enough sleep is likely to inhibit the growth of beards.
  • Reduce stress- It has been scientifically proven that stress could negatively impact your body’s ability to generate testosterone. This is because the body produces cortisol when you’re stressed, which limits the production of testosterone, ultimately affecting beard growth.
  • Drink plenty of water - water consumption is directly correlated to beard growth. When you’re hydrated, there’s an increased circulation of blood in your body, which ensures your skin receives important nutrients required for hair growth. For a full and healthy beard, a healthy skin foundation is mandatory.
  • Be patient with your beard – You’ll need to dedicate a minimum of 6 weeks in case you’re starting from scratch. A luxurious, thick beard cannot grow overnight. You’ll have to give time to growth patterns to take shape and hair follicles to be stimulated.
  • Beard Comb – A perfect beard comb will have smooth-edged teeth. A mustache comb has fine teeth, which makes it ideal for precise styling.
  • Beard Brush – Beard brushes such as the Boar’s hair brushes have natural scales along their hair bristles. This makes them perfect for evenly distributing balms and oils through facial hair.
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Initially, I had reservations about growing a beard; how long will it take, will it make my skin itch, and most importantly will it look right on me. I am so glad I decided to grow my beard, it looks good, it barely itches and it’s easier to take care of than my goatee. And, it blends my gray hair with the remaining black hair.

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